Moisturizers are an essential part of every skin care regimen and are absolutely CRITICAL to having healthy, clear and more youthful skin.

Despite their simplicity and being a basic skin care item, we’ve found that people are really confused about how to best use moisturizers and how to choose the right kind for their skin type.

To help clear up some of this confusion, we decided to start a blog that is dedicated to providing as much information as possible on this very important skin care product, what ingredients are used, and how they will benefit you.

We do this by researching and then going out and actually buying the best moisturizers we can find. Whether it is from Amazon, a department store or luxury brand. Our main focus is on natural and organic products since these will provide the most benefit to you.

Once we have them, we put them through a series of tests and trials (yes, we actually try them out on ourselves!) and then prepare in-depth review articles and/or videos.

In addition to reviews and rankings, we’ll also publish posts highlighting individual ingredients,  provide tips on the best ways to use moisturizers, what kinds you should buy based on your skin type, and other skin care issues we think you might want to know more about.

Ultimately, we’d like to be your one-stop shop for everything on the subject of moisturizers and skin care!

The Team Behind –

My name is Valora Abbett, and I’m the blogger who started

I have always been obsessed with skin care and beauty products. Researching out all of the different ingredients and benefits and testing products is a fun challenge for me.

In addition to myself, I also work with two of my sister and close friends who help me try out all the different moisturizers we buy and review.

We all have different skin types and preferences, which helps us provide thorough reviews of the products that we buy.

How To Get In Contact With Us

If you’d like to ask us a question, comment on one of our reviews articles or videos, or just say hello, you can contact us at

We truly hope you love our site and find it useful in finding the perfect moisturizer for your skin!  Be sure to subscribe and follow us on social media for updates whenever we try out a new product.